Timeless Lighting in Innsbruck’s Rathausgalerie

Simple timeless elegance and subtle lighting design – in the shopping arcades of Innsbruck’s Rathausgalerie, MK Illumination designed a classically attractive Christmas decoration to accentuate Dominique Perrault’s architecture. Warm white twinkling light-sails made from String Lites® gave the room additional depth and accented the clear geometry of its structures. The important logo, the letter ‘G’, was decorated with glittering gold and shone as a central highlight.

Sleigh Bell Charm for the Hague’s ‘Goude Hooft’

For more than 600 years, the ‘Goude Hooft’, an inn in the Hague, has been a hotspot of culinary pleasure and a popular meeting place for people from virtually everywhere. Last winter, the legendary building in the heart of the city needed very special Christmas lights to transform it into the talk of the town. MK Illumination obliged, creating a charming lighting mix of Christmas motifs and light garlands on the façade of the building. Sleighs, deer, red lights – Cheers!

A Wow Effect Staged for Zoetermeer

Dutch Zoetermeer entered a new era of Christmas decoration with contemporary cool light motifs in its central shopping streets. The staged Wow effect was the theme of the competition, which MK Illumination won with oversized fashion accessories such as pumps, jewelry and giant Arundo reeds, all handmade at MK Illumination’s factory. The attraction of animated eye catchers in every street again made Zoetermeer a top address.

Great Atmosphere for Beef Steak House in Montreal

Boeuf Rouge calls itself a pretty unique steakhouse. Just a few kilometres outside of Montreal, it practices the principle of bring-your-own-wine while offering a very cosy atmosphere. To visually support the unique branding of Rouge Boeuf, we staged a Christmas dream in red with our LED string lites within the restaurant windows – budgeted accordingly, this simple and effective lighting concept not only supported the cosy atmosphere inside the restaurant, but also communicated a welcome invitation to the outside from afar. Bon appetit!

Magical Christmas Experience in the Schloss Wackerbarth winery

Schloss Wackerbarth, Europe’s first “adventure winery,” offered visitors a very special experience in November, when it dedicated its Christmas to the world of fairy tales and their special magic with a beautiful Festival of Light. In addition to artistic installations, the winery offered a whole range of sensory experiences. MK Illumination transformed the trees in the historic Belvedere Pavilion into a larger than life magical park and installed around 4,400 light chains (with a total of 44, 000 points of light) into the fir trees and topiary.

In this way the entire baroque castle and garden was transformed into a magical sea of light to provide a beguiling atmosphere for the visitors.