Early in autumn, when the seasonal colors and light are at their most magnificent, MK Illumination are already busy mounting stunning lighting displays all around the globe. Many locations opt to turn on their Advent lighting displays at the end of November.

This year the focus has been on the creation of real lighting ‘works of art’. Like, for example, the illumination of the Cathedral of Antwerp, the 60m high tower in Zurich’s “Sihlcity”, or the 20m high tree in Shanghai. The mounting and assembly of each of these spectacular displays has only been made possible due to the professional skills and expertise of highly qualified installation specialists. They are the ones that bring these creative lighting projects to life. And they do it by not only satisfying the most exact standards of health and safety, but also by guaranteeing optimal light output and efficiency.

In many regions and countries MK Illumination now has its own installation teams, but also likes to work with proven partners. For example, with the Innsbruck specialist company ” ATT high access work” – a part of the MK Illumination ‘extended family’ for many years. But professional skills are not only necessary for mounting the displays; optimal care and attention is also necessary for their dismantling and storage. Because they have clearly identifiable characteristics and receive very special care, the lighting products from MK Illumination are also guaranteed to have proven unbeatable durability.

Dazzling tasteful creative lighting for Montréal’s Château Ramezay

MK Illumination Canada has combined the brilliance of the company’s high-quality long-life LED lighting elements with beautiful decorative spheres. They are produced from the country’s own grapevines to create tasteful festive lighting for Montréal’s historic Château Ramezay.

K1600_ca_Montreal_Chateau Ramezey_leisurechateau ramezay 3.jpg_

Château Ramezay, a landmark site of great historical significance for the country, has taken on a distinctly festive appearance thanks to a design based on MK Illumination’s LED-embellished Stringlites in warm white and brilliant white. A highlight of the decoration is the use of various sizes of environmentally friendly grapevine balls which have been welded and weather treated.

The grapevine products are handcrafted from natural growing vine in the Niagara region in Canada. Their use at Château Ramezay is a perfect example of MK Illumination’s philosophy to combine local know-how with the company’s own global perspective. The balls have been weather treated to avoid damage from the harsh winters and can be used all year round in outdoor displays. Annual weather treatment also helps preserve the natural brown color of the grapevine from fading.

Château Ramezay, an important historic site and home of the Museum of Montréal was selected by a team of experts, in collaboration with UNESCO, as one of the 1001 historic sites you must see before you die. The Château, Montréal’s portal to its past, was built in the 18th century as a prestigious residence. It was the first building in Québec to be classified as an historic monument.

Lights switched on at Frankfurt’s MyZeil

November 23rd was a brilliant night at Frankfurt’s “MyZeil” shopping centre, when thousands of lights were switched on to bring to life an outstanding and impressive festive display, created by MK Illumination. The centre has been given a huge boost for the holiday season with an enchanted forest of massive proportions, across which a herd of majestic reindeer leaps right across the avant-garde shopping mall.

Marcus Schwartz, Center Manager of MyZeil ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG. : “With this sensational lighting creation, we have both unique Christmas decorations, and an Advent attraction for the entire city of Frankfurt.”

The huge, lifelike staging, set to delight and inspire MyZeil visitors for the next five festive seasons, creates a whole new dimension in storytelling and technical expertise. “Rarely do we have the opportunity to run riot by being creative in such – in the real sense of the word – a phenomenal dimension,” commented an enthusiastic Thomas Mark from MK Illumination.

More information and images will follow!


Since the dawn of mankind, sight has been our primary sense for gauging the world around us.  Nature is brilliant at producing stunning displays of light in the form of a brilliant night sky, light refraction creating rainbows, the Northern Lights, or simply bright sunlight.

Light has always awakened emotions in us, but it took eons for humans to duplicate, and to package its radiant magic for initially practical purposes.  More slowly came the development of creative lighting to awaken and drive emotional reactions, not only in the home, but also in the marketplace.

Today’s marketing gurus use light to create an environment that taps into emotions, and transcends to become entertainment. This bond between illumination and entertainment is a powerful tool in increasing footfall in public spaces.  Marc Gobé, an acknowledged expert at the forefront of the Emotional Branding trend, regularly demonstrates how lighting, brightness, shadow, contrast, and colour can positively or negatively affect consumers. Architects have long recognized the intrinsic power of lighting, and use targeted light to trigger emotional states that directly influence our purchasing behavior.

Studies show that the colour and warmth of light can also foster a sense of security. Non-uniform lighting promotes relaxation. Bright uniform lighting increases the feeling of spaciousness in interiors.  Christian Mikunda, the renowned dramatist and psychologist, advises shopping malls, hotel chains, museums, branded product manufacturers, and city centers, on mood management in public spaces. He asserts that the emotional value of entertainment in marketing is a long-term image-building factor. Attracted by creative lighting, consumers will dwell longer and this naturally enhances sales. Light, when expertly presented, has now become a tangible commodity and can act as a dynamic 21st century marketing tool.

MK Illumination subtly transforms Doha’s Al Muktar Street Mall for Ramadan

Ramadan 2015 provided the impetus for an exciting new project for the Omar Al Muktar Street Mall in Doha, Qatar when MK Illumination was charged with creating a special ambiance to act as a footfall magnet, while principally heightening the visitor’s shopping experience. Conceived as a one-year, stand alone project by the mall’s managers, it has already been confirmed that new projects are being considered for next year.


The concept challenged MK’s designers to satisfy the management request to create subtle festive lighting concept whose prime purpose was not the design itself, but instead would encourage a positive shopping experience. To meet this request, MK Illumination’s designers concentrated on producing a celebratory atmosphere by ornamenting the galleries with Ice Lites that were occasionally accented with symbols, such as the moon and the stars. Beautifully golden, these shapes considered relevant to Ramadan, were fashioned from a special plastic material. Additionally, palms and selected facades were festooned with String Lites, while the Salam Department Store was decorated with a separate arrangement of moon and star shapes also draped with String Lites.


Though modest in scale, the installation was an unqualified success judging by the shoppers’ reactions to the newly ‘enlightened’ mall. Many thanks go to our regular local partner, Afkar, for assuring the success of this project.