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A warm feeling for animals is an emotion that knows no borders, and completely transcends cultural differences. This is perhaps the reason MK Illumination’s animal motifs enjoy universal popularity across the world, and the reason they have become a recurring theme of the company’s artistic interpretations in creative lighting.

Whether shaped and sculpted into the refined and noble elk that grace the city of Stockholm during the Christmas holidays, or they instead pay tribute to the endangered white rhino for a popular shopping mall in South Africa, these exclusive custom-made animals never fail to act as a magnet for the crowds.

Georg Öhler, MK Illumination’s Creative Director, says his goal, in the creation of these sometimes larger-than-life illuminated animal sculptures, is to awaken the viewer’s emotions and tap into their personal childhood memories. “The animals must have a special sympathetic demeanor,” he says. “The strength of our MK Illumination design team is that we can translate cultural specifics from an idea, into a drawing, and eventually a handmade sculpture. It is the hand finishing that brings to life the sculpture’s special demeanour.”

Salerno’s “Festival del Arte”

Salerno’s “Festival del Arte” has been a success story of magic and enchantment for many years. Millions of people from across Italy are drawn to the city every Christmas, to enjoy the display that truly transcends into real art. This festival of light has succeeded in marking the southern Italian seaside city as entirely unique among its counterparts in other regions and in other countries. The city’s creative lighting display is continually updated, and the existing installations always renewed and refreshed, to ensure it maintains its appeal and is able to thrill the huge number of admirers it attracts. Be inspired by this colourful and highly original Christmas display, designed to create and nurture the festive joy in hearts both young and old.

MK Illumination at CHRISTMASWORLD 2016 in Frankfurt Come and see us!

MK Illumination has been exploring the forefront of design possibilities for 20 success-filled years, and in the process has continuously led the way in the creation of outstanding contemporary light installations.


Light speaks directly to the heart. It heightens the senses and stirs the emotions.  Current refinements in light displays achieve this by reflecting society’s preoccupations as expressed in the latest global trends.  At Frankfurt’s Christmasworld 2016, MK Illumination we will launch our  20th anniversary year celebrations with new themed installations, worlds, in which the wonder of light is sure to touch the heart and enlighten the mind.

2015 – the most successful year

MK Illumination had anticipated a turnover of around 64 million euros in the current year. The final figure however was 70 million euros. With this, the company has registered its best operating result in its history.

“In recent years MK Illumination has evolved from being a product supplier into a company that offers comprehensive solutions for lighting installations. This is regardless of whether it involves public spaces, shopping centres or in the area of tourism and leisure. The results speak for themselves and that is demonstrated by our turnover figures,” said Klaus Mark, CEO MK Illumination, commenting on the company’s successful business year.

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MK Illumination already saw its turnover increase by 15 percent to 62 million euros in 2014. Projections for 2015 were for 64 million euros, which the 70 million euros figure far exceeds. The positive figures are the result of very strong growth in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Hungary. Business in both the US and Canada markets was also very positive, with Canada registering an increase of approximately 50 percent. MK Illumination has also profited from regions where the culture of Christmas is less prolific and where there is nevertheless still a demand for winter decoration, for example in Turkey or in the United Arab Emirates.


New lighting highlights for European capitals

In recent years many festive lighting projects were successfully realised in European capitals – for example in the inner cities of Stockholm and Copenhagen, and in parts of the centre of Zurich. Other projects have been added in the current year and for the first time novel and attractive lighting concepts have been installed along the renowned shopping mile of Budapest’s “Vàci Street” in the inner city, and in the city centers of Brussels, Oslo and Helsinki.

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MK Illumination lights up the world

MK Illumination’s lighting installations have also been very successful outside of Europe. The “Floating Tree” has proved to be a big hit with pedestrians in the trendy urban quarter of Xintiandi in Shanghai. Johannesburg once again boasts a spectacular lighting installation in the famous Nelson Mandela Square and Sydney’s renowned “Martin Place” is adorned for the first time with a 20-metre high interactive Christmas tree. Also included in the list of new projects is the creative lighting for Montreal Canada’s “Chateau Ramezay”.

Strong growth in the Shopping Centre segment

In the era of online retail, shopping centre operators are increasingly aiming to put the spotlight on their premises through the creation of leisure experiences. Festive lighting is able to make a significant contribution to these goals because it has the power to touch people’s emotions and draw them into the ambience. The best example of this is the Frankfurt Shopping Centre “MyZeil”, owned by the ECE Group. As well as many other installations in German shopping centres in locations like Kaiserslautern, Ludwigsburg or Braunschweig, MK Illumination has also been able to deliver outstanding displays in some of the word’s most prestigious retail temples – in the famed Mall of the Emirates in Dubai or the “Crystal” in Las Vegas, to name just two of these establishments.

MK Illuminations Presents Christmas in Antwerp: Simply ‘A-Typical’

As advent continues and Christmas Eve approaches, the city of Antwerp is putting on a glittering show spreading the joy of the holiday season. Major landmarks have been given a spectacular makeover worthy of this city well known for its international diamond trade – everything from the story, audio composition and first voiceover, to the final concepts of the complex lighting scenarios, has been fashioned exclusively by MK Illumination.

This year the city hall, located on the western side of Antwerp’s Grote Markt (Great Market), is 450 years old.  To celebrate this anniversary, a new marketing campaign, A-Typisch (A-Typical), has been organized, and the city, under the guidance of MK Illumination, is putting its best, and unique, foot forward. The city hall is decorated with huge diamonds, and the tower of the Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal  (Cathedral of Our Lady) is aglow with a myriad of lights.  Standing 123m high, with 620 steps to the summit, this is the highest building in the whole of Belgium, that has ever been decorated like this.

Ice Skating, often depicted in paintings of the region, has been a beloved feature of winter festivities for centuries.  This season, Antwerp’s citizens and visitors are invited to skate under a sky of lights covering Groenplaats, and around the statue of the illustrious painter Peter Paul Rubens, Antwerp’s favorite son.  For Steenplein, MK Illumination magically transformed one of Antwerp’s oldest buildings, Het Steen (The Castle), into a seemingly frozen block of ice surrounded by trees with branches lovingly highlighted by tiny lights.

With such unique storytelling from MK Illumination, every night is a sparkling opportunity for Antwerp to show just how different and simply ‘A-Typisch’ it is.