Finally 20!

MK Illustration’s presence at Christmasworld set new benchmarks in creative conceptual lighting and was also a fitting kickoff to the company’s 20th birthday celebration. Marked with a tremendous birthday cake, this was a milestone dedicated to the power of thematic lighting to enliven spaces and attract attention. It also heralded the beginning of yet another era of exciting and inspired light-filled years to come for our company.

Abundance of Joy

“Abundance of Joy” is one of the design world topics that we presented at Christmasworld. We invite you to be inspired:

Abundance of Joy

MK Illumination’s ‘Abundance of Joy’ display matches lively baroque sensibility with treasured themes from the natural world – combining the luscious blooms of Amaryllis with gracefully curved bells. The scarlet Amaryllis flowers, a design plucked straight from nature, were made of a new fire-resistant fiberglass with 20% of the product originating from corn. The amaryllis project represented a completely new concept in which 3D sculpturing, painting techniques and LED light combined to create a very distinct style. The bells that accompanied the display were a unique synthesis – a combination of knitted materials and crystal chandeliers. The current trend for gold was carried throughout the theme to complement both of these sensuous scene-stealers.

We are happy to announce that we will be presenting further trend worlds in our coming newsletters.

Light in Motion – MK at Christmasworld 2016 in Frankfurt

MK Illumination’s presence at Christmasworld in Frankfurt in 2016 was once again the guarantee of a spectacular glittering presentation and a distinctly exciting atmosphere.

The enthusiastic industry specialists in attendance were not only presented with the latest trends in creative lighting design but also with innovative material developments. There were two extremely interesting lectures on two mornings during the fair, one on “Visions, Perspectives and Concepts for City Locations” and the other on the topic “Christmas Markets: Between Tradition and Dramatization”.

Among the speakers were renowned specialists like Dr. Eddy Donath from the GMA, and Elke Frauns, the well-known expert for strategic city and regional development. The festive atmosphere on the final evening of the fair was of an equally high standard: MK Illumination especially stood out for it’s evocative Chill Out Party festivities that launched the company celebrations for its 20-year anniversary.