Two Fountains as Light Objects for Tallinn

K1600_ee_Tallinn_Kanuti Park Fountain_city_16.01.16.-024

Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, held a competition for the winter decorations for its historic fountains in Kanuti Park and Viru Street. MK Illumination won with its light installations for both places. Where in summer bubbling water created a natural play of light, in winter a thousand LED light chains created the equivalent sparkle. A highlight for the many visitors and city dwellers that love Tallinn’s fountains in all seasons.

Gouweplein – or the Sustainability of Heart Lights

K1600_nl_Waddinxveen Gouweplein_city_102

When the new city centre for Waddinxveen was designed, the Christmas decoration and lighting devices were already an integral part of the planning – both a novelty and a challenge for the light designers of MK Illumination! The owner of Gouweplein chose the traditional style of Christmas decorations as a counterpoint to the modern construction.

The logo of the city centre – a diagonally running heart – became the dominant object of the attractive light garlands strung across the streets. The new, biodegradable material of these sparkling hearts guarantees the highest sustainability. In early 2016 a so-called Christmas Ball filled with balls of light was added as an eye-catcher for the centre.

Lady Elephant brings Christmas pleasure to Wuppertal


Once upon a time there was a lady elephant called Tuffi who, back in 1950, fell into the Wupper River, leaving behind only the story of her sad demise and equally sad reputation. So, because elephants tug at heartstrings all over the world, MK Illumination designed a monument for Tuffi – as a wintery lighting figure for the old market of Barmen in Wuppertal.

Mayor Hans-Hermann Lücke promptly earned a huge round of applause as he turned on the lights on the six metre high Tuffi figure in a festive atmosphere and in doing so created a highly popular photo motif for visitors. Tuffi, the lady elephant, was the distinct beginning of a light chain that, in the dark winter months, stretched right up to the illuminated Kugelbrunnen at the end of the shopping mile of Werth. More than 10,000 LED points of light were installed in the glittering band in Barmen.