A brilliant celebration


Following the official welcome, which included an official salvo fired by the historic Rifle Company of Weer, our guests celebrated and danced the night away in the festively decorated MK Showroom.

Tyrolean dignitaries such as regional governor Günter Platter, and Councilor Franz Xaver Gruber, as representative of the Innsbruck City Council, also enjoyed the festive atmosphere and company spirit.

Feel and Experience Staged Locations


What is the secret behind staged locations? As part of our special trade event to celebrate our anniversary, Klaus Mark gave MK friends from all over the world an exciting insight into the art of staging in all kinds of locations during the Christmas festive season.

This was followed by a presentation by Carla Rumler, Cultural Director of Swarovski, who explained what is behind the success of their world famous Crystal Worlds, and their collaborations with international artists.

Finally 20!


On Friday, September 2 we celebrated our company’s 20th anniversary in Innsbruck. Around 450 partners, colleagues and friends from more than 25 countries accepted our invitation to help us celebrate MK Illumination’s great achievement. In addition to our huge party in the evening we also organized an exciting special event at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds on the topic: “Feel and Experience Staged Locations” To round off their visit, our international guests also took individual outings in the stunning Tyrolean mountains.

We wanted to give our guests an authentic glimpse of the spirit of our family business at home, where we live, surrounded by nature and the alpine scenery, because this is where we get our inspiration.