3-D effects at Abraxus by MK Illumination Stand

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Abraxus by MK Illumination, also present at the Christmasworld Trade Fair in Frankfurt, attracted attention in a successful demonstration of the potential of creating stunning 3-D effects with an iBall installation that took the shape of a 4-meter cube.The cube, which was comprised of 512 individually DMX-controlled polycarbonate spheres in a mix of 120mm to 200mm in diameter, was divided into 64 ‘drops’. Each of these ‘drops’ came with eight LED units that were controlled by Madrix sound-to-light software.


The display drew constant and enthusiastic interest from visitors at the fair who clearly enjoyed seeing how myriad dynamic lighting effects could be successfully employed in contemporary Christmas designs. A process of easy synchronization with music allowed visitors to interact with the display in many different ways.