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Experience Marketing in ‘analog’ mode


The impressive “Hometown Project Museumstraße” in  Innsbruck’s city center demonstrates how Experience Marketing can also function in ‘analog’ mode.  The heart shape of the display was transformed into the central motif of the fantastic lighting installation in the shopping street, thus conveying the sincere, and ‘heartfelt’ warmth of all the employees in the retail shops.  And it is all about these warm-hearted people who affix hearts to the shop windows along the whole street, and who inside as well as outside share their hearts with the customers.

New Year: High Season For Dismantling

Our highly professional assembly teams – responsible for the construction and installation of MK Illumination’s Christmas lighting and creative lighting displays – are an important part of our success. So how about dismantling those displays? What does expert dismantling mean?

We always recommend that our customers engage exactly the same highly professional teams and personnel to dismantle our MK lighting and displays. This is because it is a job that requires a profound knowhow about how these precious lighting fixtures, right down to the smallest LEDs, need to be stored, so that they can quickly and easily be retrieved and reused for the next big occasion.

During the dismantling process, members of our assembly team document the logistical process right down to the finest detail, including any eventual necessary repairs, or they take care of them on the spot. They complete the process, leaving behind a system that is exactly sorted into its component parts. This can be easily and appropriately stored for the next season either in the customer’s own storage facility, or in one that has been rented by us for this purpose.

We take the long-life of the product, its sustainability, and the efficient dismantling process, seriously. In the hands of our experienced team, dismantling only takes an average of half, or even one third of the original assembly time. Even with the biggest projects, this usually only takes between four and seven days.

Cadillac Fairview´s shopping centres with festive decoration.

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Canadians are invited to celebrate the spirit of the season across Cadillac Fairview’s shopping centres. From oversized holiday-themed floor pieces and enchanting visits with Santa to interactive gift wrapping services and a new augmented reality mobile game, along with Canada’s first interactive kinetic light sculpture, visitors will instantly be immersed with holiday cheer.

“Nothing says it’s the holidays quite like a trip to the mall, and we want each and every one of our guests to have an unforgettable experience when they step into a CF shopping centre this season,” commented Jason Anderson, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Cadillac Fairview. “Through our iconic décor elements and innovative experiences, we are inspiring visitors to reflect on the true meaning of this joyous occasion by bringing guests of all ages together to enjoy the wonders of the season.”



The historical roots of ‘Leinenweberei’, the textile art from Ried im Innkreis, date back to the 18th century, and are the reason behind the Weberzeile shopping mall name. For the 2015 Christmas decorations, MK Illumination adopted this beautiful reference as the jewelry motif for illuminated design objects and created impressive handmade knitted covers for the glittering lights. The organic forms of our Arundo reeds from the original knitted fabrics of the region were adapted to the architecture of Weberzeile, and provided a completely harmonious atmosphere with its warm white light. The suitably festive decoration on the facade and over the entrance was part of MK Illumination’s totally integrated concept and transformed Weberzeile into an attractive destination point.