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World Innovation: The new professional light chain system with IP67 protection class


MK Illumination is once more a leader in the industry thanks to another innovation from the company with headquarters in the Austrian Tyrol. It recently developed the first certified professional light chain system in the market with an IP-Rating of IP67. The latest product is now available on the world market.

On the one hand the IP67 means that the String Lite® is dust-tight, and on the other, that they are also waterproof up to one meter in depth for a minimum of 30 minutes. This has been made possible by a double gasket system. This means that the current standard gasket is supported by an additional laminar sealing ring. The new IP67-QuickFix®  Connector series is color coded, which is also compatible with the previous connector system by means of adaptors. The String Lite® system is copyrighted.

Experience Marketing in ‘analog’ mode


The impressive “Hometown Project Museumstraße” in  Innsbruck’s city center demonstrates how Experience Marketing can also function in ‘analog’ mode.  The heart shape of the display was transformed into the central motif of the fantastic lighting installation in the shopping street, thus conveying the sincere, and ‘heartfelt’ warmth of all the employees in the retail shops.  And it is all about these warm-hearted people who affix hearts to the shop windows along the whole street, and who inside as well as outside share their hearts with the customers.

Christmas Decorations as a Countdown Event – the Hotel d’Angleterre


A legendary meeting place for more than 250 years, the Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen opened its doors for the first time in 1755, and has since been regarded as an institution of exclusivity and the ultimate in luxury for guests from all over the world. For many years, the annual Christmas decoration on the facade of this noble hotel has been an object of public interest, and its unveiling celebrated as a festival. On November 21 last year, 15,000 visitors joined in the countdown to the ‘big reveal’ – this time, King Frost at dinner with his followers was there to be admired. MK Illumination had the honour of decorating and lighting this festive scene on the roof facade of the d’Angleterre, with shining icicles made from special fibreglass.

Dazzling tasteful creative lighting for Montréal’s Château Ramezay

MK Illumination Canada has combined the brilliance of the company’s high-quality long-life LED lighting elements with beautiful decorative spheres. They are produced from the country’s own grapevines to create tasteful festive lighting for Montréal’s historic Château Ramezay.

K1600_ca_Montreal_Chateau Ramezey_leisurechateau ramezay 3.jpg_

Château Ramezay, a landmark site of great historical significance for the country, has taken on a distinctly festive appearance thanks to a design based on MK Illumination’s LED-embellished Stringlites in warm white and brilliant white. A highlight of the decoration is the use of various sizes of environmentally friendly grapevine balls which have been welded and weather treated.

The grapevine products are handcrafted from natural growing vine in the Niagara region in Canada. Their use at Château Ramezay is a perfect example of MK Illumination’s philosophy to combine local know-how with the company’s own global perspective. The balls have been weather treated to avoid damage from the harsh winters and can be used all year round in outdoor displays. Annual weather treatment also helps preserve the natural brown color of the grapevine from fading.

Château Ramezay, an important historic site and home of the Museum of Montréal was selected by a team of experts, in collaboration with UNESCO, as one of the 1001 historic sites you must see before you die. The Château, Montréal’s portal to its past, was built in the 18th century as a prestigious residence. It was the first building in Québec to be classified as an historic monument.

Lights switched on at Frankfurt’s MyZeil

November 23rd was a brilliant night at Frankfurt’s “MyZeil” shopping centre, when thousands of lights were switched on to bring to life an outstanding and impressive festive display, created by MK Illumination. The centre has been given a huge boost for the holiday season with an enchanted forest of massive proportions, across which a herd of majestic reindeer leaps right across the avant-garde shopping mall.

Marcus Schwartz, Center Manager of MyZeil ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG. : “With this sensational lighting creation, we have both unique Christmas decorations, and an Advent attraction for the entire city of Frankfurt.”

The huge, lifelike staging, set to delight and inspire MyZeil visitors for the next five festive seasons, creates a whole new dimension in storytelling and technical expertise. “Rarely do we have the opportunity to run riot by being creative in such – in the real sense of the word – a phenomenal dimension,” commented an enthusiastic Thomas Mark from MK Illumination.

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