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2015 – the most successful year

MK Illumination had anticipated a turnover of around 64 million euros in the current year. The final figure however was 70 million euros. With this, the company has registered its best operating result in its history.

“In recent years MK Illumination has evolved from being a product supplier into a company that offers comprehensive solutions for lighting installations. This is regardless of whether it involves public spaces, shopping centres or in the area of tourism and leisure. The results speak for themselves and that is demonstrated by our turnover figures,” said Klaus Mark, CEO MK Illumination, commenting on the company’s successful business year.

K1600_ae,Mall of Emirates,Dubai,shop,mktr_IMG_3471_MAIN

MK Illumination already saw its turnover increase by 15 percent to 62 million euros in 2014. Projections for 2015 were for 64 million euros, which the 70 million euros figure far exceeds. The positive figures are the result of very strong growth in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Hungary. Business in both the US and Canada markets was also very positive, with Canada registering an increase of approximately 50 percent. MK Illumination has also profited from regions where the culture of Christmas is less prolific and where there is nevertheless still a demand for winter decoration, for example in Turkey or in the United Arab Emirates.


New lighting highlights for European capitals

In recent years many festive lighting projects were successfully realised in European capitals – for example in the inner cities of Stockholm and Copenhagen, and in parts of the centre of Zurich. Other projects have been added in the current year and for the first time novel and attractive lighting concepts have been installed along the renowned shopping mile of Budapest’s “Vàci Street” in the inner city, and in the city centers of Brussels, Oslo and Helsinki.

 K1600_ca_Montreal_Chateau Ramezey_leisurechateau ramezay 3.jpg_

MK Illumination lights up the world

MK Illumination’s lighting installations have also been very successful outside of Europe. The “Floating Tree” has proved to be a big hit with pedestrians in the trendy urban quarter of Xintiandi in Shanghai. Johannesburg once again boasts a spectacular lighting installation in the famous Nelson Mandela Square and Sydney’s renowned “Martin Place” is adorned for the first time with a 20-metre high interactive Christmas tree. Also included in the list of new projects is the creative lighting for Montreal Canada’s “Chateau Ramezay”.

Strong growth in the Shopping Centre segment

In the era of online retail, shopping centre operators are increasingly aiming to put the spotlight on their premises through the creation of leisure experiences. Festive lighting is able to make a significant contribution to these goals because it has the power to touch people’s emotions and draw them into the ambience. The best example of this is the Frankfurt Shopping Centre “MyZeil”, owned by the ECE Group. As well as many other installations in German shopping centres in locations like Kaiserslautern, Ludwigsburg or Braunschweig, MK Illumination has also been able to deliver outstanding displays in some of the word’s most prestigious retail temples – in the famed Mall of the Emirates in Dubai or the “Crystal” in Las Vegas, to name just two of these establishments.

Dazzling tasteful creative lighting for Montréal’s Château Ramezay

MK Illumination Canada has combined the brilliance of the company’s high-quality long-life LED lighting elements with beautiful decorative spheres. They are produced from the country’s own grapevines to create tasteful festive lighting for Montréal’s historic Château Ramezay.

K1600_ca_Montreal_Chateau Ramezey_leisurechateau ramezay 3.jpg_

Château Ramezay, a landmark site of great historical significance for the country, has taken on a distinctly festive appearance thanks to a design based on MK Illumination’s LED-embellished Stringlites in warm white and brilliant white. A highlight of the decoration is the use of various sizes of environmentally friendly grapevine balls which have been welded and weather treated.

The grapevine products are handcrafted from natural growing vine in the Niagara region in Canada. Their use at Château Ramezay is a perfect example of MK Illumination’s philosophy to combine local know-how with the company’s own global perspective. The balls have been weather treated to avoid damage from the harsh winters and can be used all year round in outdoor displays. Annual weather treatment also helps preserve the natural brown color of the grapevine from fading.

Château Ramezay, an important historic site and home of the Museum of Montréal was selected by a team of experts, in collaboration with UNESCO, as one of the 1001 historic sites you must see before you die. The Château, Montréal’s portal to its past, was built in the 18th century as a prestigious residence. It was the first building in Québec to be classified as an historic monument.

Lights switched on at Frankfurt’s MyZeil

November 23rd was a brilliant night at Frankfurt’s “MyZeil” shopping centre, when thousands of lights were switched on to bring to life an outstanding and impressive festive display, created by MK Illumination. The centre has been given a huge boost for the holiday season with an enchanted forest of massive proportions, across which a herd of majestic reindeer leaps right across the avant-garde shopping mall.

Marcus Schwartz, Center Manager of MyZeil ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG. : “With this sensational lighting creation, we have both unique Christmas decorations, and an Advent attraction for the entire city of Frankfurt.”

The huge, lifelike staging, set to delight and inspire MyZeil visitors for the next five festive seasons, creates a whole new dimension in storytelling and technical expertise. “Rarely do we have the opportunity to run riot by being creative in such – in the real sense of the word – a phenomenal dimension,” commented an enthusiastic Thomas Mark from MK Illumination.

More information and images will follow!

It wasn’t only summer that shined in the most beautiful colours Design is becoming more colourful and decorative.

Looking at the current developments in design and looking back at the “Salone di Mobile” trade fair in Milan, you can clearly make out a trend ­ design is becoming more decorative as well as more colourful. At the same time, items are developing to be more special, playful and creative. Designers aim to achieve uniqueness, individuality and create true statement pieces designed to impress.

This is no different than festive lighting where this trend is visible and tangible. The results of this can be seen in our Limited light motifs, which are handcrafted in our factory specifically for each project, that are becoming increasingly popular. The more creative design and arrangement, the bigger the wow effect.

Featuring the RGB iString-Lite®, our motifs now shine in the brightest and most beautiful colours.