Exploring creative possibilities with new materials

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MK Illumination is continually exploring the possibility of using new materials to expand the creative potential of its creative lighting and to surprise and delight its customers.
“Innovative materials are central to MK Illumination’s design process,” says Klaus Mark, CEO of MK Illumination.

The latest material in the spotlight is a new ‘knit fabric’. Wool-like in appearance and developed and ‘knitted’ in Austria, this is a material that speaks of traditional handcrafts. The ‘knit’ fabric, in a range of colors, allows soft and atmospheric light to shine through. This makes it a natural partner for extraordinary lighting designs that help to express the warmth of Christmas.

To illustrate the versatility of this new creative material, MK has designed a range of lounge seating, accompanied by lamps with knit fabric in two distinct stitch designs. The lounge-lamp combination is ideally suited to add warmth and festive atmosphere to shopping centers. MK Illumination first presented this winning combination of creative lighting and cozy handcrafted material at Christmasworld in Frankfurt.