Giant MK Illumination Christmas Tree a huge hit in Italy

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it_Noventa di Piave_Venedig_McArthurGlen_shop_DA4A5650

When it comes to creating that all-important “WOW’ factor, MK Illumination was right on point with its spectacular 31-metre Christmas Tree made for the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in Noventa di Piave, Italy. Not only 31-metres high but also 12 meters in diameter, the tree came with no less than 125,000 points of light and was decorated with 3,800 giant red Christmas Balls. The result: a spectacular attraction for the outlet and an instant draw.

The giant tree created a perfect photo opportunity and was an immediate social media hit. Images of the tree were shared countless times and resulted in thousands of unique and happy ‘Christmas Tree’ moments. The project proved to be an excellent example of how a spectacular Christmas motif can act as a magnet for shoppers and is appealing to all those who love to revel in a real Christmas atmosphere.