House for SOS Children’s Village in Nepal

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MK Illumination is proud to be the sponsor of House Wilder Kaiser in the SOS Children’s Village in West Nepal’s Lumbini. The name of the house also reflects our own roots in the Austrian Tyrol.

House Wilder Kaiser is one of 12 houses in the village that opened its doors to orphaned children and those in difficult family circumstances in October 2010. Each house provides a home for 12 children and a resident ‘mother’ who helps provide a real family environment for her charges.

Our company has donated the entire costs of maintaining and running the house for the next five years, thus securing the future of the 12-child family for that period. At this stage we plan on continuing this support after this current period of commitment.


The SOS Children’s Village in Lumbini is located near the rapidly developing industrial city of Butawal. Additional support for the village and the children’s welfare comes from an associated program of mushroom farming that provides both vocational training and generates additional income for the project.


SOS Children’s Village is a worldwide charity, which, like our company, has its origins in the Austrian Tyrol. Hermann Gmeiner, a medical student, founded the first SOS Children’s Village in the immediate post WW2 period to provide homes for orphaned children and to support the children of families in difficult circumstances.