i-String Lite – The logical evolution of the String Lite light chains

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Lighting constantly evolves and at MK Illumination we are always striving to deliver new innovative ways to make our lights deliver inspiration and atmosphere for our customers.  When further development of String Lites was undertaken, this was done with intelligence – not only is it possible to control each LED individually, but they are now also available in RGB colours. Developed by MK Illumination in cooperation with Lancaster University.

i-String Lite opens up a new dimension of 2D and even 3D animations – now also available in RGB colours. This results in motifs and animations with an even stronger emotional message. Thanks to the powerful control and calibration software, LEDs can be controlled individually and content can be modified in real time. Also, it is possible to adapt effects and advertising messages to specific target groups instantly adding them to the animations interactively.

1001 possibilities in the RGB colour mode
The centrepiece of the inter-connectable low-voltage (36V) i-String Lite light chains are the intelligent LED points of light in warm white, brilliant white and for multi-colour effects, the new RGB colour mode (red, green, blue). All LEDs can be controlled in real time and are perfectly suited for targeted interactive advertising messages projected onto the facades of buildings. Individual light chains can be linked to form a network creating particularly vivid and visually effective animations and effects, interactive patterns as well as tickers. Note also that, as the LEDs can be controlled individually, it is possible to produce a variety of 2D and complex 3D colour animations, such as those popular in tree decorations and motifs. One good example is the oversized hummingbird which was first showcased at Christmasworld in Frankfurt. Inspired by the colours of the feathers naturally shimmering in green metallic, the MK Illumination designers developed a gigantic hummingbird in their own production facility. Employing the new i-String Lite, they created an effect showing it ‚sipping‘ nectar out of flowers in gently alternating RGB colours.