Lighting up Akmerkez Shopping Mall in Turkey

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We at MK Illumination were pleased to have the opportunity to provide illuminating seasonal decorations to Istanbul’s Akmerkez Shopping Mall, one of the oldest and most prestigious shopping centers in Turkey.

The concept was designed to create a brilliant atmosphere in gold and silver toned products, in harmony with the mall’s overall architecture and ambience. The display focused on creating a warm family atmosphere in which to celebrate the season. Central to the design was the 12.5-meter Christmas tree with 10,300 Christmas balls, and 7,618 pieces of mirrored plexiglass in various motifs. In addition, the mall was decorated with 16,000-meters of crystal-embellished products, and 20,212-meters of string lights. This provided a dazzling almost 2.5 million light points, which in turn created an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for the center’s thousands of shoppers.