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We have created an especially spectacular “Central Station” for Christmasworld 2017, the world’s biggest Christmas market in Frankfurt am Main, and in doing so has set new standards in the industry. A visit to the MK display area gives you a first-hand experience of how a fictional world of experiences – “Virtual Light Reality” – functions in a glittering new dimension.

Focusing on the theme of “A Journey in Time,” MK Illumination has created a tangible homage to the pioneering spirit and the passion for ongoing research, invention, and experimentation, set over an area of 400 square meters.

The setting for this year’s fair was the recreation of an original railway station from the glorious Victorian era of the 19th century. The MK “Central Station” is an elaborately constructed train station as a timeless expression of a place to meet, to depart, and as a homecoming. It demonstrates the benefits of contemporary marketing, right down to the finest detail. This fictional and interactive world of experiences is expressed as a creative, artistic method of storytelling.

The aim of this personal experience approach is to engage in a dialogue with visitors at an emotional level, and to offer them the possibility to go on the journey to see what they discover. In other words, they are invited to interact. Such a personal contact guarantees a lingering memory and ensures long-term customer loyalty.

“Central Station” invites customers to go on the journey and when they interact, it allows MK Illumination to demonstrate how highly authentic experience marketing works at an emotional level. MK Illumination’s core business remains rooted in festive lighting decoration, and the development and production of a broad range of continuously expanding, inspiring lighting productions and decorative elements. The MK spotlight, therefore, remains firmly focused on the element of emotional surprise – in other words, the direct way to the heart of the visitor.