A joy of flowers and light

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An annual exhibition of Amaryllis flowers has been a key attraction at the Château de Beloeil for more than 25 years as a tribute to nature’s annual rebirth. Participating florists adorn the château with more than 5000 amaryllis flowers sponsored by Dutch cut flower company Berbee.  This year, the Upcoming Florist initiative and MK Illumination Belgium came together to create an unforgettable floral experience in the castle’s inner courtyard.

The main feature of the garden was a dancing horse decorated with red Gloriosa blossoms. The horse is a special illuminated lighting motif from MK Illumination’s own manufacturing plant with the points of light illuminated resplendently with red Amaryllis. The inner courtyard of the château also featured a six-metre tall tree filled with wonderful white Amaryllis blooms.

“Our château was literally enchanted by the wonderful and stylish lighting design by MK Illumination Belgium, which young creative florists decorated with thousands of blossoms,” said owners Prince and Princess de Ligne.

Pascal Berbée was delighted with the synergy created by the flower blossoms and light. “I have never seen my flowers presented in such a beautiful way. I hope we can also work together next year in Keukenhof (NL).”

Nature and technology – a harmonious symbiosis

The impressive symbiosis created by Upcoming Flowers and MK Illumination yielded unique designs and delivered an unprecedented touch to the château.  With these stunningly beautiful creations, MK Illumination Belgium once again showed the world that festive lighting concepts can offer so much more than just bright Christmas decorations.

Upcoming Florist
Through their Upcoming Florist initiative, Micheline Vansintjan and An Theunynck share their know-how with start-up florists.  These florists can use the platform for networking and exchange, and also to realize larger-scale collective projects.

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The Château de Beloeil and the Princes de Ligne
The “Belgian Versailles”, the vast domain of the Princes de Ligne – a renowned Belgian noble family – was originally built as a medieval fortress but over the centuries it has been transformed into a country residence. The lavish gardens in the immediate vicinity of the château were established in 1664. They were planned and implemented by a student of Le Nôtre, the renowned French landscape architect.  In the 17th and 18th centuries, the structure was developed into a multi-story, French-style château, and expanded by the construction of two wings.  A fire damaged large parts of the château during the 1900 New Year’s celebrations and it was rebuilt in 1906 under the direction of the French architect Paul-Ernest Sanson.