Large Crowds at ReCon in Las Vegas

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“Experience is everything” – was the motto of ReCon, the international congress of the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) from May 22-25 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Around 36,000 executives from all over the world and 1,200 exhibitors met together in the American gaming metropolis. Increased earnings through more shopping experiences was the credo of the congress. “Experience is everything” is what was clearly defined by the main players concerning the demands on the modern shopping center. Retail professionals now place increased emphasis on design, overall experience and quality of service, and at this point festive lighting takes on a high priority. In the USA, Christmas landmarks are big draw cards.  Studies have shown that the feeling of wellbeing amongst consumers greatly increases in the festive season. “This enormous popularity seems to be an indicator for a growing retail landscape,” said CSC President and CEO Tom McGee.


MK Illumination put on a display of interactive animal stories in a winter landscape setting and in doing so, the Tyroleans touched the hearts of the sector’s specialist international guests. Even from a distance, the larger than life, glittering elk on the 1200 square meter stand was a real attraction.