Lighting up Dubai for the 20th annual Shopping Festival

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MK Illumination made an illuminating start to 2015 with a project that represents its inaugural activity in the Gulf States. The company, with input from production and MK Illumination Romania was commissioned to provide creative lighting for the city of Dubai on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)

The DSF is the largest shopping and entertainment extravaganza in the Middle East. It draws visitors from all over the world and is a very effective showcase for MK Illumination’s creative lighting. The festival involves a wide variety of events, activities and promotions including international concerts, musicals, shows, sports and fashion events. For this important commission MK Illumination worked with its client the office of the Dubai Shopping Festival. In line with the festival’s two slogans “Feel the energy of Shopping Festival” and “Let the festival wrap entire Dubai”, MK Illumination created festive lighting motifs that were located throughout the city designed to illustrate and inspire shopping. Among the motifs were 3D bags, shoes, diamonds, urban dresses, rings, cups plus euro and dollar signs. As part of the display MK Illumination also decorated the city’s palm trees and poles whilst also supplying 2D ground motifs.