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Experience Marketing in ‘analog’ mode


The impressive “Hometown Project Museumstraße” in  Innsbruck’s city center demonstrates how Experience Marketing can also function in ‘analog’ mode.  The heart shape of the display was transformed into the central motif of the fantastic lighting installation in the shopping street, thus conveying the sincere, and ‘heartfelt’ warmth of all the employees in the retail shops.  And it is all about these warm-hearted people who affix hearts to the shop windows along the whole street, and who inside as well as outside share their hearts with the customers.


Reaching the end of the year, we all almost automatically take a quiet look back. Likewise, we are now putting together a number of our most beautiful lighting projects and light displays for you. A gallery of MK Illumination activities all over the world – large and small creations our team thorougly enjoyed as they inspired their imagination and presented new challenges. Lighting designs that provided people around the globe with some happy moments throughout the day.




At Christmas time, the Hungarian capital will be lit up again by MK Illumination with the glitter and sparkle of thousands of white, red and golden stars, flowers and balls.

Decorative MK lighting effects will be used around Oktogon and Opéra, over four hundred different candelabra ornaments combined with floral and figurative MK motifs such as ‘Angel in Love’, ‘Violin’ or ‘Nordic Wind’, transforms Varoshàza Park and its surrounding main streets and squares into an impressive illuminated experience, and in Andrássy Street, 173 trees will be decorated with around two hundred thousand warm shimmering LED light points alongside our ‘ice drops’ effect light features. The spectacular winter and Christmas ornaments will be set to enchant the residents of Budapest as well as their countless guests for another four years.


Christmas Decorations as a Countdown Event – the Hotel d’Angleterre


A legendary meeting place for more than 250 years, the Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen opened its doors for the first time in 1755, and has since been regarded as an institution of exclusivity and the ultimate in luxury for guests from all over the world. For many years, the annual Christmas decoration on the facade of this noble hotel has been an object of public interest, and its unveiling celebrated as a festival. On November 21 last year, 15,000 visitors joined in the countdown to the ‘big reveal’ – this time, King Frost at dinner with his followers was there to be admired. MK Illumination had the honour of decorating and lighting this festive scene on the roof facade of the d’Angleterre, with shining icicles made from special fibreglass.