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Festive season launched by giant illuminated comet at Vienna Mall huma eleven.



Huma eleven, Vienna’s most modern shopping center at Simmering, comes alive on November 24, with the illumination of a spectacular 19.5 meter Christmas Comet crowned by what is probably Europe’s largest illuminated star, all glistening with 9,000 points of light. The center has a Christmas market, with Advent singing and childcare, and a magnificent 12-meter Christmas tree with 12,000 LEDs and 1,200 Christmas balls. The idea for the comet Christmas decoration came from huma eleven’s manager Stephan Kalteis: “We set standards in Austria in matters of design, as you can see by our huge fountain. So we also wanted to do something special with our Christmas decoration. What could be better than a dazzling comet in XXL format?” Another example of very special MK Illumination creative lighting and festive decoration!

Pictures: Moni Fellner

Form follows function


MK Illumination has developed a lighting concept for the new Vienna Hauptbahnhof for the upcoming Christmas season. The city’s main railway station is a new architectural highlight in the Austrian capital. Georg Öhler, Creative Director of the MK Illumination Group introduces the creative vision and approach behind the sparkling project:

“Form follows function” has long been the credo of architecture. I would say this is only true for a certain part of our manmade environment. Function needs to be the base of any building, and then something is added on top, which I would like to call the creative surplus.

The creative surplus is the extra element that makes us like something. This extra can be an outstanding feature, like the refrain in a song, or the splash of color in an otherwise tone-in-tone space. It can be like the piece of jewelry that makes a black evening dress stand out from all the others.

At the main station in Vienna we took the most outstanding aspect of the architecture and used it as the leitmotiv for our lighting concept. Our lighting concept supports the branding of the architecture and helps to make the station an iconic and recognizable building. Be surprised!
The creative surplus is the extra element that makes us like something.

MK Illumination creates the Christmas Lightning for the BahnhofCity Vienna


We talked to Mr. Stefan Schneider, Center Manager of ECE Projektmanagement Austria GmbH about the project.

This year MK Illumination will provide festive Christmas lighting for Vienna’s new main railway station for the first time, which we are naturally especially pleased to be doing. What can the visitor expect to see?
I don’t want to give too much away because we want to be sure to have the surprise effect, but at least we can say this: From the end of November our customers and visitors can expect a Christmas lighting production that is inspired by the architecture of Vienna’s new main railway station. In addition, we also invite everyone to experience Christmas shopping with cosmopolitan flair over an area of about 20,000 m2 of retail space and 90 stores. 

How important do you consider harmonious Christmas lighting to be as an attraction for railway stations
In principle any decoration in a shopping center adds to a feeling of wellbeing and this particularly applies to attractive and extensive Christmas decorations. I am convinced that this is  appreciated by customers and visitors in highly frequented locations like railway stations. Regardless of whether they are traveling or just stopping by to shop, it adds to the Christmas atmosphere for them.

What was the determining factor that made you decide to cooperate with MK Illumination on this project?
We called for tenders from three companies within the ECE (shopping center group) according to detailed criteria and guidelines. These well-known service providers then submitted their proposals for a complete Christmas decoration concept. After considering the respective presentations we then decided, together with the executives of Center Management, to accept the offer from MK Illumination. In doing this we believe we have made the right choice to surprise our customers and visitors with an appealing and atmospheric Christmas production at Vienna’s new main railway station

Hr. Schneider_INTERVIEW