The Crystalline Deer – a classic with new style

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When it comes to new interpretations of our MK Illumination classics, our motto is to always come up with innovations that are both positive and surprising. Our Christmas reindeer, for example, is one of those very popular motifs that we always present in inspiring new designs. The imagination of those in charge of our creative process knows no bounds, and that is why we were already able to present the very impressive and entirely new Christmas reindeer at Christmasworld 2017.

The Crystalline Deer is a fascinating object because of the dynamic it creates through its reflective golden mirror casing, which creates a fabulous crystalline surface. This powerful, mystical Christmas animal is transformed into a beguiling attraction in any decoration or staged creative lighting display through the use of extremely modern faceting on the body, and the energy of its implied movement. The Crystalline Deer is available in a range of different versions. Each example, however, is created as a single independent unit, and with the utmost care in our own MK Illumination manufacturing plants. Above all, each animal we produce always radiates the joy we feel in its creation.