MK Illuminations Presents Christmas in Antwerp: Simply ‘A-Typical’

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As advent continues and Christmas Eve approaches, the city of Antwerp is putting on a glittering show spreading the joy of the holiday season. Major landmarks have been given a spectacular makeover worthy of this city well known for its international diamond trade – everything from the story, audio composition and first voiceover, to the final concepts of the complex lighting scenarios, has been fashioned exclusively by MK Illumination.

This year the city hall, located on the western side of Antwerp’s Grote Markt (Great Market), is 450 years old.  To celebrate this anniversary, a new marketing campaign, A-Typisch (A-Typical), has been organized, and the city, under the guidance of MK Illumination, is putting its best, and unique, foot forward. The city hall is decorated with huge diamonds, and the tower of the Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal  (Cathedral of Our Lady) is aglow with a myriad of lights.  Standing 123m high, with 620 steps to the summit, this is the highest building in the whole of Belgium, that has ever been decorated like this.

Ice Skating, often depicted in paintings of the region, has been a beloved feature of winter festivities for centuries.  This season, Antwerp’s citizens and visitors are invited to skate under a sky of lights covering Groenplaats, and around the statue of the illustrious painter Peter Paul Rubens, Antwerp’s favorite son.  For Steenplein, MK Illumination magically transformed one of Antwerp’s oldest buildings, Het Steen (The Castle), into a seemingly frozen block of ice surrounded by trees with branches lovingly highlighted by tiny lights.

With such unique storytelling from MK Illumination, every night is a sparkling opportunity for Antwerp to show just how different and simply ‘A-Typisch’ it is.